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There Are Few 2nd Impressions Online

Mom was right: we live in a judgmental world where first impressions linger.   On the web, it’s worse: the majority of us are impulsive information grazers on a restless daily quest to gather the factoids, bite-sized insights, and small amusements that feed a post-modern soul. So when building an online web map to capture […]

The Flawed Economics of Closed Government Data

  How much should citizens pay a county for a digital copy of property records and aerial photos?  Sciotto County, Ohio says $2000.  Actually it hired Woolpert to figure it out for them, and they said $2000.  Which sounds a bit spendy, especially given that cities like Philadelphia and Denver give away the same type […]

Your Online Map Is Missing Half Its Audience: More Revealing Web Analytics From the Field

When recently writing about the shortcomings of map portals, many of my opinions were shaped by the map usage analytics I collected from the City of Denver that formed my most popular post of 2012.  Given the popularity of the topic and the large volume of feedback, I circled back to gather more statistics not only […]