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The Road to Bad Policy Is Paved By Good Intentions and Misconceived Maps

One blessing/curse of Twitter has been its singular ability to bring all manner of maps to my timeline and seize my attention one 8-second increment at a time. Some are interesting/cool/fascinating. Some make me laugh. Some are so cringe-worthy, I feel compelled to re-tweet. And a few leave me muttering “no, no, No, No, NO.” […]

The Elegant, Effective Election Data Visualization That Is Thankfully Not A Map

  We occasionally field the suggestion, nay, insinuation, that our posture here at Mapbrief is unduly critical.  Whether it be pie charts, contiguous cartograms, or untucked shirts, our opinions are admittedly fixed. So much so that you might say “dogma”; we say “consistency”. But in the spirit of staying positive, let’s admire this recent graphic […]

Why We’re Smarter on Sunday: Sports Analytics & Business Analytics, Part I

We all remember when we first fell in love with tabular data. For me it was the list of baseball batting averages of every major league player that was published in the Sunday newspaper. Still in church clothes, I’d commandeer the sports section and, donut in hand (the other Sunday indulgence), spend the next twenty-five […]