JS.geo 2013: A Meeting of Javascript Mappers in Denver

by Brian Timoney

So some Colorado folk have rustled up a get-together geared towards those who make maps using Javascript APIs.

JS.geo January 14-15, 2013 Denver CO

It’s not a “conference” and no one is making money: we’re charging $11.54.

There will be no “tracks”: Monday the 14th we’ll have talks (full talks, lightning rounds, etc.) in a single room.

The second day, the 15th, we’ll have office space for small-group work, collaborative coding, or free-association white-boarding.



So…what’s the point of this again?  Well, everybody knows that at most conferences the most valuable take-aways are the conversations among attendees. So let’s get-together and make the content of those hallway conversations the focus: particularly the “who’s doing what” and “wouldn’t it be cool if…” bits.

Who’s In?  The registration page has the RSVP list–you might recognize a few names. We expect folks from OpenGeo, Vizzuality, MapBox, Stamen, ESRI, Google, et al.

What’s the catch?  Ah, the catch.  We’re capping attendance at 75 or so.  And we’re already halfway to that quota.

If you’re a sleeves-up web mapper working with Javascript front-ends, this might be the best $11.54 you ever spent.


—Brian Timoney


ADDENDUM: First-day facility is being provided courtesy of the Facility for Advanced Spatial Technology (FAST) at the University of Colorado Denver. We are grateful for their support that enables us to keep the cost of this event to a minimum.


* Denver skyline photo courtesy of  dagpeak’s Flickr stream