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Springsteen in the USA: 40 Years of Touring as a Study in Spatial Diffusion

  There’s no more persuasive evidence that we’re in the twilight of the “Rock Star” than its appropriation by the tech sector to mean little more than someone with a penchant for wearing black and an inflated self-regard. But there are still a few true rock stars still plying their craft, including Bruce Springsteen who, […]

Redistricting Denver: Where “Communities of Interest” Allow Polite Folk to Sidestep Race, Class

Tonight in Denver, the City Council will take final public comments on its plan for redistricting.  Comments will be limited to 3 minutes. As someone who has been closely involved in the process and drafted one of the plans dropped from consideration earlier this month, I have more than three minutes of opinions to share… […]

Political Hypocrisy & Economic Ignorance: the Case Against Atanas Entchev

This week many of us in the geospatial community have been deeply troubled by news that our colleague Atanas Entchev, along with his wife and son, have been detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at a for-profit “Community Education Center” (read: prison) in Newark, New Jersey.  Prominent in the online world with his […]