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What If The Fix For the Geospatial Workforce “Crisis” Is…Better Pay?

I saw some of the most talented Spatial Minds of my generation…take non-spatial jobs for better money. Recently LinkedIn brought me tidings that two people in my network took new positions with no obvious link to the Geospatial industry. In their spatial endeavors, these folks were technically adept, innovative, and happy to volunteer to speak […]

Bracing For The Satellite Pixel Glut of 2023

It’s a question as old as capitalism itself: does Supply create its own Demand? With Serious Money flooding the Earth Observation sector–Billionaire money, Former Treasury Secretary/ Wall Street money, etc.–the industry is SPAC’d up and hurling satellites and sensors (optical, radar, hyperspectral, you name it) into orbit at a dizzying rate. But what if the […]

The Travelling Salesman Problem Is Not a Routing Problem, It’s A Monetization Problem

Creative destruction is awesome until it comes for your livelihood.   Having made a few dollars over the years building custom routing applications, I had two distinct reactions when testing out the Straightaway app recently after reading this Mapbox post. “this is way cool and efficient” 😀 “time to look for another way to make […]