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Mapquest + Mapbox: A Win-Win With A Huge Unanswered Question

In a rare confluence of a languid blogging pace with the tempo of events, my last post on the Verizon purchase of Mapquest was quickly followed by news that Mapquest would be contracting out its map rendering to the high profile start-up Mapbox.  No real follow-up has come out of either camp, including silence from […]

The Massive Potential of Verizon Mapquest

Last week’s announcement of Verizon’s purchase of AOL (which includes Mapquest) was greeted mostly with attempts at humor, with references either to AOL trial offer CDs or the “You’ve Got Mail” movie.  The first dozen entries were mildly amusing before the Law of Diminishing Returns reared its head. Most of the analysis of the deal […]

Data Insight, Reputational Risk, and Bill Belichick: Sports Analytics & Business Analytics, Part II

  Can everyone immediately cite your worst professional decision? If you’re 3-time Super Bowl champion and coaching mastermind Bill Belichick, any moderately savvy NFL fan would blurt out “4th and 2“.   Go for it on 4th-and-2 on your own 29 yard line with 2:08 remaining or punt to the Colts and give Peyton Manning […]