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It’s Never Been Harder to Make Money in GIS: The Sobering Economic Backdrop to the ESRI/GeoIQ Deal

So ESRI buys the cloud-ish start-up GeoIQ:  why should anyone but the twittering class care? Because it’s the latest sign there are exactly two pathways to profitability in traditional GIS:  be niche, or be ESRI.  You’ve known for the last couple of years that State & Local budgets are decimated, now that same terrible swift […]

Dear ESRI Business Partner: Your Revenue Model Died Last Week

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. The Cloud was supposed to be mostly hype, and the part that wasn’t had something to do with Google.  If this year’s ESRI Users’ Conference was overly focused on ArcGIS Online, you reasoned, it was merely the new shiny bauble in Redlands.  If its president seemed a little […]