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In Praise of the Static Map

You need to make a map. And you want to use the web.   If you’re a geospatial professional it’s likely you misapprehend the task in 3 crucial ways: You will  underestimate the time it will take to create an interactive map using one of the usual Javascript mapping APIs. You will overestimate the amount […]

MapBrief Geo Predictions for 2014

Soothsaying is so much part of the human condition that, like so many pointless pleasures, ancient scripture took a very dim view of it. But for us in tech glib optimism is the default setting.  Piggybacking on the predictions of others in the geo industry, I offer the following the prognostications based on little other […]

One Man’s Public Comment: “More Data, Less Infrastructure”

A thought experiment: A well-meaning colleague, knowing you’re the “map person”, approaches with a seemingly straightforward request. “Where can I get the most up-to-date file of the official US state boundaries?” There are dozens of places to get such a file–but the most up-to-date?  Wanting to save professional face, you surreptitiously google “us states shapefile” […]