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5 Mapping Industry Trends I Saw At JS.Geo

Wait long enough to blog a conference, and you’ll find others have beat you to it.  Bill, Derek, and the folks at Cesium have done a great job with both talk-by-talk reviews as well as a few big picture reflections here, here, and here.  In addition, we posted most of the talk decks/links here.  As […]

Mapquest + Mapbox: A Win-Win With A Huge Unanswered Question

In a rare confluence of a languid blogging pace with the tempo of events, my last post on the Verizon purchase of Mapquest was quickly followed by news that Mapquest would be contracting out its map rendering to the high profile start-up Mapbox.  No real follow-up has come out of either camp, including silence from […]

The Road to Bad Policy Is Paved By Good Intentions and Misconceived Maps

One blessing/curse of Twitter has been its singular ability to bring all manner of maps to my timeline and seize my attention one 8-second increment at a time. Some are interesting/cool/fascinating. Some make me laugh. Some are so cringe-worthy, I feel compelled to re-tweet. And a few leave me muttering “no, no, No, No, NO.” […]