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There Are Few 2nd Impressions Online

Mom was right: we live in a judgmental world where first impressions linger.   On the web, it’s worse: the majority of us are impulsive information grazers on a restless daily quest to gather the factoids, bite-sized insights, and small amusements that feed a post-modern soul. So when building an online web map to capture […]

D3 and the Power of Projections

The launch of Google Maps in 2005 brought with it a new way to think about web maps: “tiles”.  Lots of tiles.  Actually, millions of tiles.  The smooth panning and zooming were awesome, but keeping track of all of those 256 x 256px PNG images was, frankly, a chore.  Even with a computer. And the […]

“Finally: the election map that isn’t a lie.”

Best-selling science writer James Gleick refers to this map by John Nelson a bunch of us were linking to over the weekend (click for larger version):   Dot-Density, FTW Based on similar work by Kirk Goldsberry, John took county-level data and posted a red dot for every 100 votes for Romney, a blue dot for […]