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PostGIS Is So Successful That It Needs To Change Its Name

Like all important debates of our time, this one started with a tweet: I’m no branding expert (I don’t spend nearly enough money on my haircuts), but it seems to me that if your name includes a specific acronym–“GIS”–perhaps you should pronounce it the way the acronym itself is pronounced.  And while we’re on the […]

Open—Wide Open—in Portland: A FOSS4G Review

  Having been to previous FOSS4G conferences—2007 in Victoria, 2011 in Denver—I was eager to circle back to this year’s iteration in Oregon to assess what’s changed, what’s new, and what I can adapt for everyday use in my consulting business. I. Sprawl With up to eight tracks running simultaneously, everyone’s conference was going to […]

GIS & Cartography: the Latest Best Opportunity to Bridge the Chasm

In the final weeks of grad school, I asked a seemingly natural, innocent question of a classmate– “What kind of job are you looking for, something in GIS?” <with contemptuous snarl> “GIS? I’m a cartographer.“ And so it goes:  cartographers are the artists and we GIS people are mere data drones.  But there are a […]