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The Profit Motive: Why Geospatial Open Source Needs More Naked Commercial Interest

It was a post of narrow import: QGIS now has more native SQL Server 2008 support. While I was happy to note the participation and support of folks I both know and like, I was nonetheless slightly irritated by a nagging thought. “Why didn’t Microsoft do this itself already?” A few years back I remember […]

GIS, IT, and the Interests Served by a Dysfunctional Status Quo

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the FOSS4G Conference here in Denver, Colorado.  As has been noted elsewhere, it was a high-energy event loaded with quality technical content. With a time slot at the end of the day, I sought to change gears and speak about the role the cultural values of […]

Mapping the Census and the Sincerest Form of Flattery

The life of an IPO-less entrepreneur is a curiosity, especially in difficult economic times. So when well-meaning folks ask “what is it like?”, I answer that while there’s great freedom in working on one’s own ideas, that’s counterbalanced by the realization that most of one’s ideas range from the merely unworkable to laughably money-losing. But […]