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Web Mapping Continues to Pay for the Sins of Internet Explorer

So how have you been celebrating the 5th anniversary of the launch of Internet Explorer 7? For tens of thousands of public sector folk here in the US, they celebrate everyday as IE 7 is the only browser they are allowed to use on the job*. For comparison’s sake, the best-selling mobile phone in 2006 […]

Cooking Up a Geospatial Business Model In A Web World

In the aftermath of last week’s post describing how ESRI’s push into the Cloud will have a major impact on how third-party integrators and consultants will make money, there was some interesting back-channel conversation dealing with what exactly are the components of a geospatial business model and what they might look like in a more […]

Dear ESRI Business Partner: Your Revenue Model Died Last Week

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. The Cloud was supposed to be mostly hype, and the part that wasn’t had something to do with Google.  If this year’s ESRI Users’ Conference was overly focused on ArcGIS Online, you reasoned, it was merely the new shiny bauble in Redlands.  If its president seemed a little […]